Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Heavy Weekend

This weekend was full blown chaos. I drank tons of beer and played lot's of computer games!This morning I found the game "Dawn of War II Warhammer 40.000" and I really love it!

This is the "cover" of the game! You can see a "Space Marine" of the "Blood Ravens". The Blood Ravens, especially one commander(you in that case), are the protagonists of the campaign. But what the campaign is about you have to figure out yourselfes.
This is the character screen. The character you see is your main character. Also you will get few other troops with special abilitys and special weapons. In every single mission you can only use 4 troops. For example the commander and three other ones.

If you decide to play the game you will have to create a "Steam" and a "Games for Windows" account.
I would really appreciate, when you took that desicion, that you would contact me to play the game together.


Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Living my life as Manfwer!

this is my first blog ever an I am just trying it out.
I hope you will have fun reading my blog and I am looking forward having a good time with this community.

In this blog I will talk about music, movies and whatever the live gives one.

To introduce myself, I want to tell you what kind of music I am listening to and what kind of movies I like.
I love listening to hardcore punk, metal and hip hop. Sometimes even electronical music like drum and bass and dubstep.

The first band I want to recommend you is "Salt the Wound".
Salt the Wound is a american death metal or deathcore band.
Actually they are producing their new album "Kill the Crown".
Here is a preview of the band, it's made while a recording at the studio.

The release show is on 13th of march in Peabody in Cleveland, Ohio.
I really love this band because of the brootal breakdowns, the melodic riffs and the lyrics.
They mostly deal with personal problems and I also often feal connected to them.

I hope you like what I write and I also hope that I gain a lot of followers quickly.