Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Living my life as Manfwer!

this is my first blog ever an I am just trying it out.
I hope you will have fun reading my blog and I am looking forward having a good time with this community.

In this blog I will talk about music, movies and whatever the live gives one.

To introduce myself, I want to tell you what kind of music I am listening to and what kind of movies I like.
I love listening to hardcore punk, metal and hip hop. Sometimes even electronical music like drum and bass and dubstep.

The first band I want to recommend you is "Salt the Wound".
Salt the Wound is a american death metal or deathcore band.
Actually they are producing their new album "Kill the Crown".
Here is a preview of the band, it's made while a recording at the studio.

The release show is on 13th of march in Peabody in Cleveland, Ohio.
I really love this band because of the brootal breakdowns, the melodic riffs and the lyrics.
They mostly deal with personal problems and I also often feal connected to them.

I hope you like what I write and I also hope that I gain a lot of followers quickly.


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  1. Nice to see a personal friend of mine starting bloggin aswell. I don't like Salt the Wound as much but I look further in other music you like the people introduce to. :)